Strategic Plan

Executive Board

        President: Karin Neidt
        President-Elect: Brian Shakespeare

        Past-President: Marcia Fort
        Secretary/Treasurer: Cathy Harbison
        Vice President - Membership: Kirsten R. Coverstone
        Vice President - Archivist: Ginger K. Mullin
        Vice President - Communication/Outreach: Stacy Jordan
        Member-at-Large - Education/Outreach: Cathy Lester
        Member-at-Large - Website/Technical Development: Bradley Hartman Bakken

​        Joint Committee on Infant Hearing Representatives: Patricia Burk, Kirsten R. Coverstone

​        Deaf & Hard of Hearing Alliance Representatives: Karin Neidt, Brian Shakespeare

        American Speech-Language-Hearing Association Representatives

               Health Care Economics Committee (HCEC): Marcia Fort, Linda Hazard

        Audiology Quality Consortium (AQC):​ Carrie Overschmidt



​Directors of Speech and Hearing Programs in State Health and Welfare Agencies

President: Karin Neidt, Washington

Secretary/Treasurer: Cathy Harbison, Missouri 

Vice-President Communication/Outreach: Stacy Jordan, Vermont

Vice President-Archivist: Ginger K. Mullin, Illinois 

Member-at-Large - Education/Outreach: Cathy Lester, Kentucky

President's Notes

Past-President: Marcia Fort, North Carolina

President-Elect: Brian Shakespeare, Idaho 

Vice President-Membership: Kirsten R. Coverstone, Minnesota 

Member-at-Large - Website/Technical Development: Bradley Hartman Bakken, Wyoming